How to Use This Website

Please spare a minute to read through the following guidelines. Above all, they are supposed to protect you when using this website.

This website is meant to make contact between individuals who want to teach each other specific skills or abilities in a reciprocal and private fashion. It is explicitly non-commercial and restricted to personal use. This is not a dating website in the narrow sense. Any violation of the following regulations may be prosecuted.


Eligibility to place and to reply to offers on this website is restricted to individual and non-commercial use. Int.Ro reserves the right to exclude individuals who violate these policies from using the website with giving reasons.

In order to place or to reply to tandem offers, you have to register and create a user account on this site. You must provide your real name and a valid e-mail address. Int.Ro will not pass these data on to others, and your e-mail will not be visible to others. Int.Ro merely uses it to forward replies from others to the e-mail address you provided. If you reply to other people's offers, Int.Ro will send your name and e-mail to the offerer along with your message, so that they can answer you directly.

Placing an Offer

In order to submit an offer, you must log in to your user account. A person who is interested can only make contact with you via this website in such a way that their message is forwarded to your e-mail.

An offer consists of one or more requested and offered activities, respectively. An activity may be any form of pastime with an educational character that does not harm, slander, or damage others or their property. It should be accompanied by a mutual exchange of skills or abilities. Examples of activities include speaking a foreign language, playing a musical instrument, engaging in a cultural event, and many more. You are not allowed to offer sexual and/or monetary services or any sort of commitment implying a dependency.

An offer may be supplemented by a note that allows you to introduce yourself and to personalize your ad. You are encouraged to specify your requests and expectations. You must not use strong or derogative language. In addition, any political, religious, discriminating, or offending statements are prohibited.

The offering person is solely responsible for all contents of their ad. Placing a tandem offer does not guarantee that a tandem partnership will be established.

Replying to an Offer

In order to reply to an offer, you must log in to your user account. Along with your message, Int.Ro will send your name and e-mail to people whose offers you reply to.

Your reply is a personal message to the offering person. You may introduce yourself, indicate your interest, and formulate your expectations and offers. Regarding your offer, the same rules as in the above paragraph Placing an Offer apply. In particular, you must not insult or vilify the offering person or others, and you must not make sexual and/or monetary offers. Any abuse should be reported immediately. Int.Ro reserves the right to check reply messages for compliance with these rules.

Replying to an offer does not automatically establish a tandem partnership. The offering person has the right to refuse or even ignore a reply.


These guidelines are supplemented by the terms and policies of this website. In case of doubt or contradiction, the word of the latter is effective.

This is a translation of the German Nutzungsordnung. The German version of this text is legally binding.

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