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Welcome to the Int.Ro Tandem website!

 — "learning by friending!"

... to connect people with different skills and abilities (e.g. a language, a musical instrument, a particular hobby, etc.) who are eager to reciprocally teach each other their expertise.

The Tandem Idea

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a tandem is "a bicycle with seats and pedals for two riders". Riding it requires a joint effort, but rewards you with lots of fun and the pleasure of common achievement. So why not generalize the idea to other activities?

Perhaps you are looking for someone to practise your Arabic, and who could teach you better than a native speaker? By chance, there is a person from an Arabic-speaking country living in Jena who always wanted to learn Italian. Well, luckily you lived in Italy for several years, didn't you? So let's meet up!

Language sharing may be the most prominent example, but in fact it's only one way a tandem could work. Maybe you are a passionate cook who is eager to learn how to play the guitar? Odds are there is a match for you, too! We're all an expert on something, we just have to find each other.

Give it a try, start a tandem today!

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