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Here we collected some common questions. If you are not satisfied with a response or if you want to know something else, don't hesitate to message us!


What is 'Int.Ro'?

What is an 'Int.Ro Tandem'?

Who can use this website?

Tandem Account

How do I register?

Do you store my personal data?

Can I modify my contact data?

How can I delete my account?

Searching and Replying to Tandem Offers

How can I search for specific activities?

How do I reply to an offer and start a tandem with someone?

Will I receive notification when my request has been read?

Placing a Tandem Offer

How do I create an offer?

Can I create multiple offers at the same time?

How can I delete an activity from my offer?

I submitted my offer, but it doesn't show up on the 'search' page. What's wrong?

Editing a Tandem Offer

Can I modify my offer later?

How can I delete my offer?

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